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Tuti Fruiti Lip Scrub 10 Grams

Tuti Fruiti Lip Scrub 10 Grams

Safely handmade vegan and cruelty free.  Best to use before applying product and before bed to cleanse lips.  Use 3 times a week to avoid over exfoliating .  Product gets rid of dead skin cells, removes unwanted residues from previous used lip products.  They also help to prevent whiteheads, blackheads, and other skin blemishes.  Sugar scrubs are the most natural way to help soften, exfoliate, and freshen up skin. Enjoy!


  • Care instructions and Return Policy

    Refriderate after opening

    If there is any problem with purchase please email us and let us know

    We do not accept returns just keep product and email us about your concerns.

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